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12 September 2018 - 13 September 2018
Roma, Italy
NanoInnovation 2018

H2020 Flash Presentation

Sep 13 (09.00-10.30) - Renaissance Cloister Room

Presentations made by selected speakers are available at the following link: https://goo.gl/yrkjkS 

Horizon 2020 NMBP Work Programme 2019 will fund researchers, entrepreneurs and industrial representatives with more than 540 million €. Find suitable partners for your project ideas and participate to Horizon 2020 thanks to the H2020 Flash Presentation, and to the networking event!

About the event

The session will be introduced by Serena Borgna (APRE) – the Italian National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnologies and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing – that will illustrate the funding opportunities within Horizon NMBP Work ProgrammeThe 2019 call for funding closes on 22nd January 2019 and the available budget is more than 540 million €.

The introduction will be followed by a first special speech made by Prof. Donata Franzi (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, UNIMORE), named "Dealing with a mission oriented research: UNIMORE experience".

Then, selected speakers will present their expertise and/or project ideas in order to find partners for submitting proposal in Horizon 2020: they will talk showing 15 slides advancing automatically every 20 seconds. You can apply as speaker or you can attend the session, receiving more info on next Horizon 2020 call for funding and listening to the presentations. Selected speakers will be available for the networking session too.


Speaker Organization Organization Type
Liberato Diego CNR R&D Institution
Scotti Rosa Università di Bari University
Rossi Gianluca Ro Technology SME
Sacconi Fabrizio TiberLab SME
Romiti Simona Consulenza e Risorse Srl Consultancy
Mengucci Paolo Università politecnica delle Marche University
Ambrosio Elisa Paola Politecnico di Torino University

Dealing with a mission oriented research: UNIMORE experience - Donata Franzi (UNIMORE)

Often small systems are able to face big challenges in a smarter way than larger organization. Processes aimed at bringing out knowledge and skills may be easily promoted in order to answer future challenges.

UNIMORE, a networked campus located in the Emilia Romagna Region, is an academic community characterized by a wide range of expertise in fields spanning from medicine to climate change and social sciences and humanities.

Such a background knowledge allows to identify and evaluate:

  • strategies directed at solving concrete societal and/or technological challenges;
  • systemic approach to industrial and innovation strategies;
  • interaction methods between multiple actors along the value chain of research and innovation.

This is the approach to the missions outlined in Mazzucato report (M. Mazzucato 2017) adopted by UNIMORE interdisciplinary group. The presentation explains how UNIMORE acquired such approach along five main challenges.  

About the Flash Presentation format

In this session, the selected speakers will talk showing 15 slides advancing automatically every 20 seconds. Selecting topics of your interest, you have the possibility to show your expertise and propose your organization for joining an existing consortium; otherwise, you can present your proposal idea aiming at finding the missing and suitable international partner.

Submit your application by the 4th of September!

Fill the module and apply as speaker: https://goo.gl/efAuaM


  • Register to the Networking Event: for being selected as speaker it is mandatory take part to at least one session of the brokerage event
  • Fill the registration form by the 4th  of September (11.00 AM)
  • The Scientific committee of NanoInnovation2018 will select 10 projects
  • Each H2020 Flash Presentation will consist of a 15 slides presentation advancing automatically every 20 seconds: if selected, you will receive a template to use
  • After the event, pitch presentations will be published on the NanoInnovation2018 website (optional)



The Scientific Committee, identified by NanoInnovation2018 organizers, will select 10 speakers assessing in each project:

  • Relation to the Work Programme
  • Prioritization of coordinators looking for partners to complete a consortia

The Scientific Committee, defined by NanoInnovation2018 organizers, is composed by the following members:

  • Maria Letizia Terranova, NanoItaly Association
  • Marco Vittori Antisari, NanoItaly Association
  • Isella Vicini, Warrant Group (AIRI)

The 10 selected candidates will be informed by the 7th of September.



Fill and submit the application form available at this link: https://goo.gl/efAuaM



Submission of the application forms

04/09/2018 – 10.00 a.m.

Applications selection


Publication of selected speakers


H2020 Flash Presentation

13/09/2018 – 09.00 A.M.

Networking event

12/09/2018 – 14:00-17:30

13/09/2018 – 10:30-13:00



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